19 Mar 2024

The SantaSurprise feature launched in August 2023 has successfully attracted the support of Santa users and the trust of reputable brands.

What is SantaSurprise?

SantaSurprise is an exclusive feature on the SantaPocket application, built to bring a complete experience to Santa users. With SantaSurprise, users can easily own and experience high-quality products and services from trusted brands. This feature acts as an intermediary assistant, meeting the brand’s marketing/sampling wishes by optimally sending product and service vouchers to potential customers.

For users:
Users can experience products and services by registering to receive gifts through the SantaSurprise feature available on the SantaPocket application > Santa will send gifts through the SantaPocket locker that the user chooses during the registration process > User provide feedback through the survey so that Santa has a basis to learn from experience and improve in the coming times.
For partners:
Simple cooperation process: Partners send product samples and vouchers that need to be promoted to Santa > Santa sends gifts to groups of customers who register to receive gifts through the feature > Santa sends user insight reports after each campaign.

SantaSurprise campaign April 2024

With the desire to bring high-end utilities and accompany the journey to improve users’ quality of life, Santa hopes to connect with brand partners with the same goals to accompany the implementation of the campaign. SantaSurprise April 2024.

Campaign details

  • Message: Happy and Healthy Family
  • Meaning: The gift box is designed to bring protection and health care to each family member. This is not only a gift, but also a way for the whole family to enjoy a healthier and happier life together. Gifts help mom stay in shape and care for her skin, help dad stay healthy and strong, and help the whole family take care of their teeth.
  • Suitable partners: Brands that own products/services that match the message, specifically: Skincare (Skincare, Makeup,), Hair and body care (Shampoo, Shower gel, Conditioner) hair,…), Oral care (Toothpaste, toothbrush, Dental paste,…), Healthy food (Functional foods, Tea, Milk,…) or Voucher spread Service experience (Tooth scaling, Hair washing, Skincare,…)
  • Estimated time for customers to register to receive gifts: April 1 – April 14
  • Details on how to cooperate: Please get in touch with the Hotline for more information.

Why should you cooperate with SantaSurprise

SantaSurprise is suitable for brand orientation

SantaSurprise applies digital transformation to sampling activities, creating opportunities to experience products/services for potential customers and directly listening to and receiving feedback from them at optimal costs.
Therefore, cooperating with SantaSurprise means that brands can quickly reach target customers, promote shopping potential, and at the same time build trust and brand image.

SantaSurprise owns an extensive high-end customer base throughout Ho Chi Minh City

With a file of more than 30,000 high-end customers currently using SantaPocket cabinets, SantaSurprise helps brands reach the right target customer groups, especially those living and working in apartments and office buildings in the city. HCM.

Brands receive user insight reports

Santa will help you measure the number of customers interested in receiving samples, the number of samples received, and customer reviews after the trial.
From there, these insights help brands have more information to better understand users’ feelings, thereby making the necessary changes to optimize the experience.

SantaSurprise helps brands increase their brand image

SantaSurprise regularly updates the activities of each campaign on Santa’s media channels. This helps attract potential customers and improves brand recognition for the brands in the program.
At the same time, the brand is announced as a partner of the SantaSurprise program and can use images/materials related to the brand produced in the program for promotion.
Several reputable partners have accompanied SantaSurprise to bring special gifts to customers: NutiFood, IELTS Fighter, Total Store Vietnam, HiFarm, LothaMilk,…

To register to participate in the SantaSurprise program, partners can contact us with the following information:

– Phone number: 0937 866 283
– Email: