Preliminary Summary of Digital Transformation Pilot Program “Smart Delivery Solution In The Field Of Charity”

28 May 2024

On May 28, 2024, the People’s Committee of District 1 held a preliminary summary ceremony for the pilot model of digital transformation ‘Smart Delivery Solution in the Field of Charity’ after 6 months of implementation.

At the ceremony, the District 1 Red Cross reported the following results:

The total value of contributed items reached more than 128,000,000 VND, including:

💝 953 various diapers worth 81,168,000 VND for the ‘Love the Elderly, Cherish the Children’ program.

💝 200 sets of household items, clothes, and necessities worth 40,000,000 VND for the ‘Compassionate New Year’ program.

💝 10,000,000 VND worth of gifts including instant noodles, sugar, milk, etc., for 200 lonely elderly people.

Although not a large number, it is still significant, reflecting the generosity of benefactors, volunteers, and participating organizations. These results reaffirm the initial effectiveness of the pilot model of digital transformation “Smart Delivery Solution in the Field of Charity”.

Thank-you letters were also personally delivered to the individuals and organizations that have accompanied the program over the past six months. Additionally, shortcomings were identified to ensure that future programs will be executed better and more effectively.

At the same time, the District 1 Red Cross outlined the direction of activities for the next six months in the application of SantaPocket smart lockers, with several important points:

  • Use the Charity feature of Santa Joint Stock Company on the SantaPocket application.
  • Regularly maintain transparency and openness in receiving and donating charity activities.
  • Introduce and spread the value of transforming charity activities for humanitarian goals to more people.
  • Strengthen communication efforts, inspire positive awareness in digital transformation, and explore more effective fundraising solutions.

Santa sincerely thanks the District 1 Red Cross and everyone who has contributed and spread the word. Santa hopes that with a system of over 100 smart lockers, we will be a bridge that brings people closer together, providing peace of mind to the givers and fullness to the receivers.

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