I don't use Momo, VnPay so I can not use the cabinet ?

You can transfer according to the information below for support to top up. After transfer, please take a screenshot of the transaction and send it to the SantaPocket fanpage, the staff will respond as soon as posible. - Representative account name: Nguyen Thi Thu Ngan - STK: 4061117 - ACB bank - Transfer content: Phone number + Customer's name In case you need immediate support, please contact Hotline 0974 549 066

I want instructions on how to top up SantaPocket wallet via VN Pay

Follow the steps below to top up SantaPocket wallet via VN Pay

Step 1: Open SantaPocket app and select "Top-up"
Step 2: Select the amount you want to top up
Step 3: Select "VNPAY" and appropriate payment method

*About suitable payment method: There are 3 options to pay via VN Pay:

- Sections 1, 2, 5: If you have a wallet account or VN Pay QR, you can use it immediately.
- Section 3 - "ATM card and bank account": You can log in to your Internet Banking account (of the bank you often use to transfer).
- Section 4 - “International payment cards”: You can enter information on your Visa card to pay.

I want to buy a SantaPocket delivery cabinet.

PRICE LIST: 60 millions/piece

- Selected cabinet color
- Receive 100% revenue from users
- Regular maintenance and repair from SUGA
- Free maintenance for 1 year, charge from 2nd year onwards
- Free installation

NOTE: The above costs do not include electricity and monthly operating fees (cloud rental, customer service, SMS service ..)

I want to extend the collection date at the cabinet (traveller, busy at work, forgot to pick up the goods,...)

Please ensure the following requirements for assistance in extending the delivery time at SantaPocket cabinets:

- Make sure to complete the payment of the rental amount from the time of sending to the time of receiving the goods
- Goods is not instant food, fruit, fruit,...
- Goods worth less than 2 million VND
- Customers inform the exact time will come to pick up the goods

I want to know exactly how to charge by day

The time to calculate the cabinet rental fee for the first 3 days is as follows:

First day
- The first 12 hours: 500 vnd/30 mins = 12,000 vnd
- Next 12 hours: 700 vnd/30 mins = 16,800 vnd
TOTAL: 28,800 vnd

Day 2: 1,000 vnd/30 mins = 48,000 vnd

Day 3: 2,000 vnd/30 mins = 96,000 vnd

I want to rent a SantaPocket delivery cabinet

Rent 1 cabinet: 8 million/piece
Rent from 3 cabinets: 7 million/piece
Rent more than 5 cabinets: 6 million/piece

- Receive 100% revenue from users
- Regular maintenance and repair from SUGA
- Free installation

NOTE: The partner will bear the cost of using electricity

In case the customer does not come to receive the goods (abandon the goods or leave them for longer than 48 hours)

Please follow SantaPocket's delivery reminder system below!

- On the application: notification reminder after 3 hours and continuously within 24 hours.
- After 24 hours from the time of sending the goods, the customer service center will call to remind you to pick up the goods.
- After 3 days, if you do not come to receive the goods, the package will be delivered to the company and notified via SMS/App to you.

Please bring your ID/CCCD to Suga Company and prove you are the owner of the goods to receive the goods back. After 1 month, the goods will be destroyed if you do not come to receive it.

The shipping unit can deliver 24/7, can I be charged all night if I go to bed early and don't read the messages?

This is an agreement between the Shipper and the Receiver. SantaPocket have no responsibility to intervene.

Other Question

Can SantaPocket withstand the environmental factors when placed outdoor?

In case the SantaPocket cabinet is placed outdoor, it will need a canopy and be covered on all 3 sides (top, left, right)
Placing the cabinet away from direct sunlight will make scanning the QR code easier.

How many languages does the SantaPocket application software support?

SantaPocket supports 2 primary languages: English & Vietnamese.

For iPhone: Depending on the language Customer installed on the phone, the SantaPocket application will have the same language.

I want to change the color and design of the SantaPocket cabinet to match my own brand or company, is it possible?

SantaPocket cabinets only change the paint color based on the requirements of customers and partners BUYING THE CABINETS.

I want to send the goods into the locker before going to work and the shipper will pick up the goods later?

Please follow the instructions below to send the goods to the Shipper:

- Step 1 (Rent 1 drawer for yourself): Open SantaPocket Application => Select the "Rent" feature => Select "Self-rent"
- Step 2 (After successfully sending the package & receiving SMS from Suga): Open SantaPocket Application => Select "the order" you just created => Select "Authorize" => Enter the shipper's phone number

*Note: The shipper must have the SantaPocket app to receive the packages (the cost of renting is still charged to the Authorizer, the shipper only plays the role of a picker).

Is it easy to clean the cabinet? When is the cleaning scheduled?

Cleaning SantaPocket cabinets is relatively easy. You can use a wiping cloth with sanitizer solution.
Cleaning schedule of SantaPocket: once every 2 weeks at 1 installing location (apartment unit).

Note: Do not use products with petroleum-based ingredients, such as Acetone. Because these are substances that can damage the painted surface of the cabinet.

What are the regulations of goods when using the cabinet?

- Depending on the size of the sender’s goods, the customer then chooses a suitable locker size for their goods·.
- If there is an issue involving the loss of a user’s package, SantaPocket will report the results to the person who requested the inspection within 48 hours after checking the camera. If the cause of loss originates from SantaPocket, the company will take responsibility for the package.
*Note: SantaPocket is only liable for goods with a value of less than 2 million VND and can verify the cause of loss of the package was from SantaPocket.
- SantaPocket is not responsible for the contents of the package.
- Regulations on goods that are prohibited from sending/transporting according to state regulations.

What are the requirements of SantaPocket installation?

The SantaPocket cabinets installation requires the following minimum standards:

- Minimum area is 1.2m wide * 0.65m deep, 2.5m high
- Have a roof/canopy
- Power source nearby
- Internet (optional wifi/ ethernet)
- Front position, easy for passersby to see
- Avoid sun exposure.

What is the process of product testing before shipment? What are the accompanying documents?

To ensure that products delivered to Customers and Partners are always of the highest quality and satisfaction, the SantaPocket team always follows a rigorous product inspection process at the factory, including:

- Check input materials
- Check right in the production line
- Checking the final product

SantaPocket delivery cabinets will be imported components and manufactured in Vietnam. The documents accompanying the cabinet will include Ex-warehousing paper and product warranty card.

What is the product warranty policy?

SantaPocket delivery cabinets will be warranted for 1 year for all problems resulting from the production process.
You can refer to the Terms and Conditions page for more detail!

Will the cabinet work when there is a power outage?

In case of power failure, the cabinet will still be able to operate for 2-3 hours because there is a backup generator inside.

Cabinet SantaPocket

I closed the locker by mistake, but I haven't taken all the goods yet?

Please contact Hotline 0974 549 066 and provide order code for support!

I have scanned the QR code but can not open the locker

Please double-check the cases below!
1. Are you using the correct phone to receive the delivery message?
2. Did you scan the correct QR code according to the notification message?
3. Does your phone have 3G/4G or is it accessing Wifi?

If you have checked all 3 cases above and still cannot open the locker, please contact Hotline 0938.395.147 or 0949.498.835 for support!

I need help to open the locker to take out the goods

Please contact Hotline 0974 549 066 and provide order code for support!

I want support to check the camera of the cabinet

Please contact Hotline 0974 549 066 and provide the correct time frame you want to check. The consulting staff will respond to the results within 48h - 72h.

I want to cancel my order because the package does not fit in the locker

To cancel the order, you must ensure that the locker has not been closed and follow the instructions displayed on the application screen, specifically as follows:

Step 1: Open the locker after filling in the recipient's information.
Step 2: Wait for about “10 seconds” to see the order cancellation notice.
Step 3: Click “HERE” and select “Yes, I am sure”.
Step 4: Close the locker and wait for the system to respond.

In case you have accidentally closed the locker and have not placed the package, please contact Hotline 0938.395.147 – 0949.498.835 for the support!

Is it okay if I forgot to close the locker when I received the goods?

It's fine but you need to ensure that your packages were taken completely.

App SantaPocket

I accidentally deleted the delivery message?

Please review the package information in the "Delivery History" section of the application.

I can't choose the locker size?

The size of the locker you chose has been used up. Please choose another size or send the goods to another tower.

I can't click the Send button

Please check that you have filled in all required information, including the recipient's phone number, locker size, ... If you still can't click "Send", please contact Hotline 0974 549 066 for the support!

I can't open the app, it often loads slowly

In case the SantaPocket application cannot be opened, it depends on many factors such as weak wifi signal, intermittent network, please exit the application and reopen it from the beginning. If you still cannot open the application, please contact Hotline 0974 549 066 for support!

I did not receive SMS notification about the goods

Please check the cases below! - Does the "Delivery History" section on SantaPocket app have incoming orders? If yes, then the failure to receive SMS may be due to a network error, full memory,... Please follow the information on the app and proceed to receive the goods as usual. - If there is no order information in "Delivery history", please contact the sender/shipper to check if they sent the wrong phone number, then notify Hotline 0974 549 066 for assistance.

I didn't place an order but received SMS notification of delivery?

Please provide the phone number of sender/ shipper so that the Customer Service can check the order and support!

I didn't receive an OTP when I registered for an account?

Currently, SantaPocket is supporting carriers such as: Mobi, Vina, Viettel and Vietnamobile, Gtel, I-telecom, Reddi.

I have not received the goods but the system says that the order has been completed/failed?

Please contact Hotline 0974 549 066 and provide order code for support!

I lost my sim but still want to keep my account (that account still has top-up money)

Can't keep it, you need to register another account because one account is attached to a phone number.
You can replace your lost sim or register an account with a new phone number.

I want instructions on how to download the app

Follow the steps below to download the SantaPocket app

Step 1: Go to App Store/CH Play, and enter "SantaPocket".
Step 2: Enter the phone number (Enter the correct number on the phone to download the app).
Step 3: Enter the OTP code sent to the device.
Step 4: Enter Full Name to complete registration.

I want to learn how to use the Web version without downloading the App

Please follow the instructions below to use the SantaPocket Web App version

Step 1: Open Camera & Scan the QR code printed on the SantaPocket cabinet
Step 2: Select "Use Web Version"
Step 3: Enter the phone number and OTP code sent to the device
Step 4: Fill in recipient information, choose locker's size
Step 5: Press continue to open the locker automatically
Step 6: Put the goods in the locker and close it

*The web version does not apply to the CONTRACTOR. Please download the SantaPocket app and Recharge to receive the goods.