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SantaPocket is a 4.0 smart delivery locker using modern IoT technology.

All sending and receiving action are done through a convenient mobile application. It’s time - effort - cost saving.


10 lần

Speed up the delivery process 10 times

Hạn chế

Limit direct contact maximumly.

Bảo mật

Secure and protect your package effectively.

Thiết kế

Compact design, easy to install

How to use santapocket cabinet


Step 1: Scan the QR code

Step 2: Fill in the information

Step 3: Send


Step 1: Get notifications

Step 2: Scan the QR code

Step 3: Receive


Step 1: Choose "Self-rent"

Step 2: Fill in the information

Step 3: Send

Price list locker rental

(Milestone calculated from the time of shipment)
(New fee schedule will be applied from 16/02/2023)
The first 24 hours


/ 30 minutes
the next 24 hours


/ 30 minutes
the next 24 hours


/ 30 minutes
the next 48 hours


/ 30 minutes


SantaPocket is only responsible for packages with a value of less than 2 million VND and is not responsible for the content inside each package.

Cooperation goal - b2b partner

Business partners & end-consumers are two potential customer groups SantaPocket aims to expand the market and optimize product efficiency, thereby bringing the highest benefits to consumers as well as investors.

Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo, Taobao, …

E-commerce company

Grab, Gojek, GHTK, GHN, J&T, Baemin, Shopee Food, …

Shipping company

  • GS25, Circle K, 7 Eleven, Domino, KFC, Annam Gourmet, Nova Market, Pharmacity, …
  • Bakery, clothing store, grocery store, …
  • Business shops Fast food company / SuperMarket

    Chung cư, tòa nhà, văn phòng, siêu thị, sân bay, ga tàu điện, …



    Locations locker installation

    According to statistics, as of February 2023, SantaPocket has achieved impressive numbers:


    locations in Ho Chi Minh City have signed a cooperation agreement to install cabinets


    users use the SantaPocket cabinet service


    cabinets come into operation


    successful delivery order

    View locations

    Frequently asked questions

    I want instructions on how to use the Web version without downloading the App

    Please follow the instructions below to use the SantaPocket Web App version

    Step 1: Open Camera & Scan the QR code printed on the SantaPocket cabinet
    Step 2: Select "Use Web Version"
    Step 3: Enter the phone number and OTP code sent to the device
    Step 4: Fill in recipient information, choose locker's size
    Step 5: Press continue to open the locker automatically
    Step 6: Put the goods in the locker and close it

    *The web version does not apply to the CONTRACTOR. Please download the SantaPocket app and Recharge to receive the goods.

    I did not receive SMS notification about the goods

    Please check the cases below!

    - Does the "Delivery History" section on SantaPocket app have incoming orders? If yes, then the failure to receive SMS may be due to a network error, full memory,... Please follow the information on the app and proceed to receive the goods as usual.
    - If there is no order information in "Delivery history", please contact the sender/shipper to check if they sent the wrong phone number, then notify Hotline 0938.395.147 - 0949.498.835 for assistance.

    I want to cancel my order because the package does not fit in the locker

    To cancel the order, you must ensure that the locker has not been closed and follow the instructions displayed on the application screen, specifically as follows:

    Step 1: Open the locker after filling in the recipient's information.
    Step 2: Wait for about “10 seconds” to see the order cancellation notice.
    Step 3: Click “HERE” and select “Yes, I am sure”.
    Step 4: Close the locker and wait for the system to respond.

    In case you have accidentally closed the locker and have not placed the package, please contact Hotline 0938.395.147 – 0949.498.835 for the support!

    I have scanned the QR code but can not open the locker

    Please double-check the cases below!
    1. Are you using the correct phone to receive the delivery message?
    2. Did you scan the correct QR code according to the notification message?
    3. Does your phone have 3G/4G or is it accessing Wifi?

    If you have checked all 3 cases above and still cannot open the locker, please contact Hotline 0938.395.147 or 0949.498.835 for support!

    In case the customer does not come to receive the goods (abandon the goods or leave them for longer than 48 hours)

    Please follow SantaPocket's delivery reminder system below!

    - On the application: notification reminder after 3 hours and continuously within 24 hours.
    - After 24 hours from the time of sending the goods, the customer service center will call to remind you to pick up the goods.
    - After 3 days, if you do not come to receive the goods, the package will be delivered to the company and notified via SMS/App to you.

    Please bring your ID/CCCD to Suga Company and prove you are the owner of the goods to receive the goods back. After 1 month, the goods will be destroyed if you do not come to receive it.


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