News / 18 views / 21 Sep 2023

Surprise gift box brings together quality products from reputable brands for SantaPocket users. The way to receive free gifts is extremely simple, please refer to the following article. Surprise gift box As a gift of gratitude for our customers’ companionship and support over the past time, Santa wishes to convey our sincere thanks to you […]

News / 393 views / 23 Aug 2023

The first registration to receive gifts of the SantaSurprise has officially closed with warm support from everyone. That wouldn’t have happened without the support from our partners and the love from users for this program. Santa would like to thank our partner – Lothamilk, for accompanying Santa to bring delicious and nutritious products, spreading joy […]

News / 648 views / 10 Aug 2023

From August 12, 2023, the SantaSurprise feature will be officially available on the SantaPocket app, promising to bring unexpected and interesting experiences to all Santa users.  What is SantaSurprise?  SantaSurprise was built to give users the opportunity to experience quality products and services in an easy, convenient and completely free way through the SantaPocket system. […]

News / 2331 views / 31 Mar 2023
Launching Santa Coins, Enjoy countless deals with SantaPocket

Since April 3, 2023, SantaPocket officially launched Santa Coins. This will be an opportunity to accumulate bonus value for all customers who carry out the delivery process through SantaPocket cabinets throughout the system. What is Santa Coins? Santa Coins are a form of reward points used on the SantaPocket platform, coins are used as a […]

News / 3327 views / 08 Feb 2023
Fee for using the new SantaPocket cabinet in 2023

After one year of operation, based on receiving comments and feedback from users in apartments, cabinet installation locations… SantaPocket decided to change the new cabinet rental fee schedule to bring the best experience to customers. client. With the criterion of becoming a smart and modern delivery and delivery utility cabinet, but still maintaining quality and […]

News / 4433 views / 12 Dec 2022
Send with out using app

Please follow the instructions below to use the SantaPocket Web App version SHIPPERStep 1: Open Camera & Scan the QR code printed on the SantaPocket cabinetStep 2: Select “Use Web Version”Step 3: Enter the phone number and OTP code sent to the deviceStep 4: Fill in recipient information, choose locker’s sizeStep 5: Press continue to […]

News / 3003 views / 09 Dec 2022
Happy birthday Santa – Get 1 hour free of chargeDec 07, 2022

Happy birthday, SantaPocket is grateful to dear customers, giving away the first 1 hour of use for all orders. Thank you to all customers who have always trusted and accompanied Santa during the past time. One year is neither too long nor too short for SantaPocket to feel the support and love of all customers. […]

News / 1671 views / 09 Dec 2022
Masteri Thao Dien – SantaPocket’s next destination

Launching multiple lockers around the clock in the recent past, SantaPocket has assisted senders and recipients more proactively in freight forwarding. SantaPocket will be available soon at Masteri Thao Dien Apartment, an international-class apartment with many outstanding facilities. 1. What benefits does SantaPocket bring to Masteri Thao Dien? Originally a form of delivery that has […]

News / 401 views / 07 Dec 2022
Send receive goods here

News / 997 views / 10 Nov 2022
SantaPocket’s next destination: Oriental Plaza

From November 12, 2022, 8 SantaPocket cabinets will be officially started at Oriental Plaza apartment building in Tan Phu district, bringing the total number of SantaPocket cabinets in Ho Chi Minh City to 30. This is not only the successful start of SantaPocket’s 2nd year of operation, but also the motivation for us to strive […]