19 Dec 2022

Please read carefully the “Terms and Conditions for Customers” set forth below. By using the locker rental service (Service) performed on the SantaPocket mobile application (App), the Customer acknowledges that it has read, understood, confirmed, accepted and agreed to abide by the Terms and Administer this conversion each time you use the service.

This provision constitutes a reasonable agreement between the Client and Suga Co., Ltd., a company incorporated and operating under the laws of Vietnam and having Business Registration Number No: 0313109598 issued by the Department of State. Plan and Investment issued date: January 23, 2015 (hereinafter referred to as SantaPocket).

SantaPocket reserves the right to modify, replace, amend and supplement the Terms or any policy in these Terms at any time as it deems appropriate. Modifications, replacements, amendments and/or supplements to the Terms and Conditions for Customer Trading will be effective immediately upon posting on the SantaPocket App. Customer agrees that it is Customer’s responsibility to regularly refer to the Terms and that any amendments, whether or not reviewed by Customer, will constitute Customer’s consent and acceptance. Row for these modifications.

1. Company information: SUGA GROUP

🎯 Address: 1A Truong Quoc Dung, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

☎ Hotline 1 – (+84) 938 395 147

☎ Hotline 2 – (+84) 949 498 835

☎ Call for cooperation – (+84) 93 652 7557 (Mrs. Ngân)

📧 Email: Santapocketlocker@gmail.com

2. Information about general trading conditions

2.1 Conditions or restrictions on the provision of services

Unlimited time to use SantaPocket lockers.

SantaPocket lockers are located in locations that meet the following requirements: Near the road surface so that vehicles can easily access, near the power source, covered.

2.2 Return policy, including return period, method of return or exchange purchased, method of refund, cost of this return

Service payments made are non-refundable.

Only in the event of a technical problem arising from the locker during the locker rental transaction will the money be refunded to the customer account on the SantaPocket app within 7 working days from the date of the incident.

2.3 Service standards, service delivery procedures, fee schedules and other terms relating to service provision, including conditions and limitations where applicable

➤ Process of Downloading and Installing SantaPocket App

  • Download and install SantaPocket applications distributed on CHPlay (Android) or App Store (iOS) to your phone.
  • Access the SantaPocket App.
  • Enter your phone number, the system will send OTP login code via SMS.
  • Enter the OTP code to log into the system.
  • Provide personal information, full name, address, email, gender, etc. upon request.

➤ Detailed process of using SantaPocket lockers

For the shipper

  • Scan the printed QR code and mount it directly on the SantaPocket lockers.
  • Enter recipient information: phone number, note (if any).
  • Choose the right locker size for the package.
  • Put the package in the locker and close the locker. Finish the process.

For the consignee

  • When seeing a message, the system sends a notification, the recipient Scans the QR code of the locker and begins to receive the goods.
  • Pick up and check.
  • Finish receiving goods.

➤ Conditions for participating in transactions for customers

This provision constitutes a reasonable agreement between the Client and SUGA Co., Ltd., a company incorporated and operating under the laws of Vietnam and having Business Registration Number No: 0313109598 issued by the Department of State. Plan and Investment issued date: January 23, 2015 (hereinafter referred to as SantaPocket).

SantaPocket reserves the right to modify, replace, amend and supplement the Terms or any policy in these Terms at any time as it deems appropriate. Modifications, replacements, amendments and/or supplements to the Terms and Conditions for Client Trading will be effective immediately upon posting on the SantaPocket App. Customer agrees that it is Customer’s responsibility to regularly refer to the Terms and that any amendments, whether or not reviewed by Customer, will constitute Customer’s agreement and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for this modification.

  • Customers participating in transactions must satisfy the following conditions: be 18 years or older, have full civil act capacity as prescribed by law. The Client is not allowed to participate in the transaction in case the above conditions are not fully answered, unless the Client’s direct supervision agrees and participates.
  • The Customer undertakes to be the Owner, or acting as an agent of the Owner in respect of the Goods, to have authority to make and accept these Terms and Conditions for conversion on behalf of and on behalf of the Owner. Ownership of the Goods.
  • Customers need to register for an account by providing a phone number and receiving an OTP code sent to them to register an account. After completing the information, SantaPocket will provide the Client with an individual account so that the Client can access and manage his transaction process (Account).
  • Customers are responsible before the law for all information they declare to create accounts on SantaPocket‘s Application. In any event, Santa Pocket reserves the right to verify the information that the Customer has provided. SantaPocket will not handle Customer’s complaint in case Customer incorrectly declares the information that SantaPocket required when registering.

➤ Regulations on goods

  • For SataPocket service lockers: Depending on the size of the sender’s goods, the customer chooses the appropriate locker size for his or her goods.
  • SantaPocket allows users to send food items (to distinguish “food orders”, senders must select “food” from the category when creating order for the cabinet).
  • For food items, SantaPocket can only keep for 24 hours. Santa will remind customers to pick up goods every 3/6/12/24 hours by both app notifications and direct calls. After 24 hours, if the recipient cannot be contacted or the food order has not been received, SantaPocket will proceed to collect the order out of the locker to ensure hygiene for the following user (This term only applies to fresh/ready-to-eat food and needs to be used within the same day. For dry food with long expiry date, SantaPocket will send the goods back to the customers into the locker according to the information of the order).
  • If there is an issue involving the loss of a user’s package, SantaPocket will report the results to the person who requested the inspection within 48 hours after checking the camera. If the error of the package loss originates from SantaPocket, the company will be responsible for the package.
    Note: SantaPocket is only liable for goods with a value of less than 2 million VND and can verify the loss of the package was from SantaPocket.
  • SantaPocket lockers are not responsible for the contents of the package.
  • Regulations on prohibited goods to be sent / transported.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Carriage, the Customer understands that it will not transport all types of goods and restrict information storage in accordance with applicable laws, including but not limited to types of goods. the following chemical:

  1. Military weapons, equipment, techniques, weapons, military means, police; military equipment (including insignia, insignia and insignia of the army and police), troops used for the armed forces; special components, parts, spare parts, consulting and equipment, specialized technology to create them.
  2. Hunting and hunting rifles, sports weapons, supporting tools.
  3. Narcotics and psychoactive substances.
  4. Prohibited chemical substances and precursors.
  5. Cultural products that are depraved, reactionary, superstitious or harmful to aesthetic and personality education; publications, destructive documents Tools against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  6. Canons of all kinds.
  7. Dangerous toys, toys harmful to children’s health and character education or to security, auto, social safety (including all video games).
  8. Veterinary drugs, banned from performing drug protection or not allowed to be used in Vietnam according to the provisions of the Ordinance, Ordinance on Protection and Inspection of Plants.
  9. Wild plants and animals (including living things and processed parts thereof) on the list of international treaties to which Vietnam is a contracting party and rare and precious plants and animals catalog mining and use.
  10. Exploited aquatic products, aquatic products with permitted residues of toxic substances, aquatic products with toxins that are dangerous to human life.
  11. The analysis is not on the list of permitted production, trading and use in Vietnam.
  12. Plant varieties not on the list of plants permitted for production and trading; Plant varieties that cause harm to production and human health, the environment and ecological systems.
  13. Nurturing is not in the list of being produced or traded; Livestock breeds cause harm to human health, livestock resources, environment and ecosystems.
  14. Special and toxic minerals.
  15. Import of Scrap for polluted environment.
  16. Medicines for human treatment, vaccines, biological products, cosmetics, chemicals and preparations, insecticidal and germicidal products in the household and medical fields are not allowed to be used in Vietnam.
  17. Medical devices are not allowed to be used in Vietnam.
  18. Food additives, modifiers, micronutrients, functional foods, high-risk foods, foods preserved by irradiation, foods with genes that have not been modified State agencies have the power to appraise.
  19. Products and materials containing amphiboles of the asbestos group.
  20. Explosive, flammable objects or substances and chemicals that are toxic or unsanitary, causing environmental pollution.
  21. Vietnamese currency, foreign currency and valuable papers such as currency.
  22. Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum…), stones or other products made from precious metals, precious stones.
  23. Cigarettes, cigars and other finished tobacco products smuggled.
  24. Goods containing radioactive substances, equipment radiation or radioactive sources.
  25. Wine of all kinds.
  26. Types of goods that the state prohibits/restricts information, business, export, and import.

➤ Service Fees and Payments

When Customer uses the Service, Customer will pay the costs (Fees) provided by SantaPocket and published publicly on the SantaPocket Application. In addition, the Customer will be updated by SantaPocket with the relevant Fees table before completing the Request. Fees may be changed from time to time.

Customers will pay directly to SantaPocket through a suggested method on the Application such as payment via ATM card registered with Internet banking or VISA card, payment via e-wallet, …. Any payments made are non-refundable.

Payment method: Customers will be deducted from their prepaid account on SantaPocket application before making 1 shipment or 1 delivery.


2.4 Seller’s and customer’s obligations in each transaction

A. SantaPocket’s Responsibilities and Obligations

➤ Confidentiality of Customer Information

Customer’s personal information on SantaPocket‘s Application is committed to absolute confidentiality in accordance with SantaPocket‘s personal information protection policy. We ensure to only use customer information with the consent of the customer, unless otherwise provided by law. SantaPocket commits not to use, not transfer, provide or disclose to 3rd parties about Customer’s personal information without consent from Customer. At the same time, SantaPocket is not responsible for and does not resolve all complaints related to the interests of the Customer if it considers that the personal information of that Customer initially provided is incorrect.

➤ Responsibility to notify

In the event that the information server is hacked into the SantaPocket database by a hacker, it will be responsible for reporting the incident to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notifying the Customer.

B. Responsibilities and obligations of the Customer

In addition to the conditions for participating in transactions for customers mentioned in item c, customers need to ensure the following obligations:

➤ Responsibilities and obligations regarding the information used on the SantaPocket app

Customers will provide complete and accurate personal information at the request of SantaPocket when registering and during the use of SantapPocket’s Services through the Application.

Customer agrees to allow SantaPocket to use his or her personal data (including phone number) and transfer this data to SantaPocket servers for the purpose of providing services. Customer also grants SantaPocket the freedom to prepare, collect, store and update personal data to the extent and request of time during SantaPocket‘s provision of the Services.

The Customer shall be solely responsible for the use of his Account on the SantaPocket Application; and will not authorize, assign or otherwise transfer its Account to any third party.

The Client does not use an Account that is not his/her own to request the performance of services.

Customers will perform the correct operations to correctly fill in the name, address, contact phone number of the sender and recipient as well as order information in the correct fields. Customer undertakes and warrants that the Description and details of the Goods are true, complete, and accurate on any and all media. For any reason leading to doubt as to the accuracy of the Description of the Goods, SantaPocket reserves the right to unpack the Goods and check to confirm the Description of the Goods. For the avoidance of doubt, SantaPocket shall under no circumstances be obligated to inspect the Goods. Before delivery of the Goods is commenced, the Customer must notify the consignee of any particular precautions to be taken when delivering the Goods based on the nature of the Goods. SantaPocket is disclaimed from liability for damages resulting from improperly performed operations on the Application.

➤ About the goods sent in SantaPocket smart locker

Customers will be responsible before the law for all goods that they request from SantaPocket to perform services; and are obliged to provide full legal invoices and documents when requested by SantaPocket or the competent authorities.

The Customer undertakes that it will not use the Service for illegal purposes and will not require the transportation or storage of any goods prohibited by law as stated in section 3 of the Customer Terms and Conditions. row.

Customers will not use the Service or Application to annoy or disrupt the consignee or SantaPocket’s business; not knowingly defame, slander, or fabricate things that damage the honor and reputation of SantaPocket.

Customers shall not engage a third party in any manner whatsoever with conduct that is detrimental to the Application or the quality of SantaPocket‘s Services.

The Customer assumes all liability and responsibility for any loss or damage caused by any competent authority to the Goods or damage suffered by the shipper or any third party as a result of the breach. violate the Terms and Conditions of Participation for customers.

In the event of a breach by the Customer or SantaPocket that the Customer is found to be in scope, SantaPocket reserves the right to immediately close the Customer’s Account without consulting or consent of the Customer or a third party. any other. At the same time, SantaPocket has the right to decide whether or not to allow the Customer to register a new Account after violating the above provisions.

➤ Payment Responsibilities and Obligations

Customers will pay the Fees according to the Fees table and agreement of SantaPocket.

Comply with payment methods, make payments according to the agreed order and procedures and in accordance with the law.

➤ Responsibility to notify

In case the Customer loses the phone or changes the phone number registered for the Account, the Customer is obliged to notify SantaPocket at the hotline number “hotline ( +84) 28 6251 5775″ or email box ” admin@combros.com” for SantaPocket to make changes or temporarily block relevant transactions to help Customer manage their use of the Service.

SantaPocket will not be responsible or settle claims in the event that Customer’s failure to notify SantaPocket results in a third party using such Customer’s Account to make a request to use the locker.

3. Service delivery method

3.1 Methods of service delivery

SantaPocket is a self-service locker to provide the ability to send/receive goods with the main function of locker rental. Customer requests are processed through SantaPocket‘s Mobile App:

  • Customers send goods or personal items at SantaPocket lockers
  • Customers receive goods at SantaPocket lockers

3.2 Estimated time for service delivery, taking into account geographical distance and delivery method

SantaPocket locker service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Currently, SantaPocket only provides tools (delivery lockers), a place to store the goods of the sender/receiver. SantaPocket locker service does not include delivery service to customers.

Goods sent to the locker no more than 3 days. If after 3 days the recipient does not pick up the goods in the drawer, SantaPocket will transfer the goods in that drawer to the central headquarters and notify the consignee.

4. Information about payment methods

Customers will pay directly to SantaPocket through a number of suggested methods on the App such as:

  • MoMo E-Wallet
  • VNPay E-Wallet
  • ATM and Bank account
  • International payment card
  • Bank transfer

Payment via bank transfer, the payment amount will be automatically updated to the balance on SantaPocket app

  • Account name: CONG TY TNHH SUGA
  • Account number: 150159
  • Bank: OCB (Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank)
  • Branch: Ho Chi Minh
  • Transfer content: (Please copy the correct transfer contents in SantaPocket app)
  • Transfer amount: 20.000vnd | 50.000vnd | 100.000vnd | 150.000vnd | 200.000vnd | 500.000vnd

5. Other regulations

  • SantaPocket locker is only responsible for packages that are less than 02 million VND and is not responsible for the contents inside.
  • SantaPocket’s orders recall and cancellation process is as follows:

Step 1: After 72 hours, the recipient will receive a text message informing that his/her delivery is about to be collected out of the locker. In the next 24 hours, the ricipient must respond the message or pick up the delivery. After 24 hours, if there is still not any response, Santa will note the delivery infomation and the deliveries will be brought to Suga office.

Step 2: Within the next 30 days, Santa’s customer service team will contact the recipient at least 1 time (Call/message by phone number/Zalo).

  • In case Santa cannot contact the recipient: Send an SMS to notify in the next 24 hours, the order will be canceled if there’s no response from the owner on the 30th day.
  • In case the recipient is able to be contacted, but does not want to receive it and agrees to cancel: Require the customer to confirm “I agree to cancel the package” via SMS.
  • In case the recipient wants to receive the delivery back, the recipient is required to pay the locker rental fee in 72 hours according to Santa’s rental price list & pay the shipping fee for Santa to deliver the order to the required address. In order to support, if the customer has more than 1 delivery, Santa only charges the rental fee and shipping fee as for 1 delivery.
  • Note: For delivery such as food or plants that are damaged/spoiled/wilted…, Santa will record evidence then notify the recipient and proceed to cancel the order after 24 rental hours. During that 24h, to keep your goods, please contact SantaPocket.

For any support, please contact:
☏ Hotline 1 (Zalo): 0938 395 147
☏ Hotline 2 (Zalo): 0949 498 835

Thanks for following!