General Information about SantaPocket

28 Sep 2021

Social situation

The Prime Minister has officially issued Directive 16 to urge the entire population to take urgent measures to prevent and control Covid-19. In particular, the requirement of social isolation has been strictly complied by the whole country. The strategy of “social distance” has brought encouraging signs and positive effects across the country. Therefore, the way to implement social distance is being planned in detail and applied to achieve the dual goal (epidemic prevention and economic development). However, the risk of an outbreak always exists and the society is not allowed to be subjective because there has been no vaccine to treat it yet, while coronavirus has an ability to spread through the air from person to person.

For this reason, how to ensure the economic development as expected? E-commerce has brought about utilities and advantages for business. In the context of limited exposure caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, at this period, e-commerce is an even more effective solution.

Lazada triển khai giải pháp “Giao hàng không tiếp xúc”

One of the important points is the buyer can restrict going out, but still ensure that they can buy basic necessities and convenient items for life… Therefore, the problem of transporting parcels to buyers needs to be further improved in time efficiency and ensured less face to face contact.

The “middleman” who delivers the packages from the seller to the buyer is none other than the team of technology drivers. However, going out during the epidemic season is extremely dangerous, because just a “touch” can act as “contributing” to spread the virus.

The question is

  • “How does a technology driver operate well and protect him and society?”
  • “It’s really safe for users to stay at home but still interact with a lot of technology drivers every day who have been gone to many places before, delivered and interacted with lots of other people from other places in the city?”
  • “Late delivery, unclaimed delivery, delivery arrangement … So, waiting is not really happiness.”
  • There are lots of other bad situations also

Solution from SUGA

“Time consumption” in successfully delivering one parcel is a headache issue that courier companies must face now. Not over yet, various parcels often end up with late delivery, undelivered, store at an inconvenient collection point, or even return to the senders. Unknowing exact time when the parcels come, it’s a hassle for the customers in arranging their pick-up time, then they have to ask relatives/colleagues for help or even reschedule the delivery.

As one of the powerful units offering smart solutions based on 4.0 technology, SUGA Co., Ltd. officially launched “SantaPocket utility delivery cabinet”. This is a considered smart delivery solution, the main purpose of SantaPocket is to change the habits of users and limit direct contact among people (especially in the period of Covid -19 pandemic is still on alert). At the same time, SantaPocket also resolves the problems that are being posed, give consumers an optimal way to receive parcels at their home or at the office building easily and proactive.

SantaPocket is a utility cabinet with a very simple operating system that likes a large mailbox with many compartments of various sizes inside, distributors / delivery people save waiting time for customers and consumers can actively arrange their schedule.

How does SantaPocket work?

When the customers have online shopping, in delivery method, choose delivery by SantaPocket. After choosing, customers can feel secure to work, go to school; don’t need to wait for ‘shipper’ anymore. Parcels are prepared and delivered to the delivery point; the shipper only needs to equip the SantaPocket app smartphone. At SantaPocket cabinets, scan the QR code that is pre-set on the cupboard, enter the information of the receiver by the customer (name, phone number and notes if any), store the parcels in the closet and close the cupboard.

As soon as the closures are closed, the delivery process ends, the pickup process begins with a message. Receivers will receive a notification via SantaPocket application, the application will automatically remind when the customer has not picked up goods after a certain time. Upon receiving the parcels, the customer uses the phone that is have SantaPocket app to scan the QR code on the cabinet, check the parcels and close the closet to finish the process. With “extremely preferential price” for shipping units or consumers, just 300 VND as the price of a message and received in seconds, packages can be successfully delivered to the recipient at any time. SUGA believes this is a smart solution that can optimize the operation of the seller and it is “in the best” interests of the buyer to save time on arranging work. This solution is worth experience in your life.

This type of utility cabinet is quite popular in many other developed countries but the concept of smart lockers is not currently widely used in Vietnam, and SantaPocket will surely bring to consumers in Vietnam. Delivery and receiving experience is completely different. At the same time, shipping units and investors have the most guaranteed delivery solution.

Profitable investment opportunities

Without carrying on many things and integrating too many features, SUGA’s strategy is producing a simple “delivery – receipt” of utility parcels to optimize investment costs and profits but still meet the users’ essential needs are not only during the epidemic phase is raging.

Proud to be a unit capable of providing solutions as well as equipment & manufacturing from A to Z, SUGA affirmed that the SantaPocket smart cabinet is absolutely competitive solution, and “lucrative” opportunity for investors to care. No need to invest capital or just with a small capital, investor can become our partners. Without investment, you can still care about public health and bring convenience to your residents / employees, why not try? If you buy a SanpaPocket cabinet, the SUGA profit “solution” for you is that you can rent an ad position through decorating the cabinet, placing LCD TVC or TV billboards, revenue from cabinet users, revenue from the number of times users see ads on SantaPocket application software, increasing the professionalism and modernity for the building they manage.

Guests who rent rooms through online services such as AirBnB, Luxstay … can be supported to “check in” with SantaPocket cabinets, the landlord will put the key into the lock box and follow the instructions to receive the key, completely proactive about time. During the season, users can also use SantaPocket to send gifts to relatives and friends, a surprising gift is placed in the drawer and the message will be sent to recipient. Moreover, the theft of visitors to shopping centers, hospitals etc. often occur despite being preserved by lockers. SantaPocket can help users secure assets and limit contact among people to ensure safety during the Covid – 19 season.

Location where SantaPocket is located

The location chosen by SantaPocket depends on residents’ density, order frequency and usage needs. Apartments, office buildings, convenient stores, mini supermarkets are ideal places to place because they are available in many places, so users can choose the nearest cabinet for shipper to deliver

In particular, in new condominium and department in Vietnam, most packages delivered to people’s houses are left at the door or reception desk, but the recipient cannot take the time to receive them. Receptionist / security faces many risks when receiving replacement (incorrect parcels, lost parcels  …) or receptionist / security refuses to receive instead. With hundreds of packages delivered daily to thousands of residents, lockers can minimize the risk of confusion / incorrect delivery or even theft.

SantaPocket utility lockers provide a fast, safe, economical and proactive delivery solution and with increasingly improved and used the best technology with the most reasonable price way later version, SantaPocket will bring the experience for users to “one click away from your pick”.


  • Safety: non-toxic equipment, electrical safety standards, production materials…
  • Accurate: ensuring goods are delivered to customers, no mistake, no lost
  • Reduce cost – increase productivity: low capital investment, take profit quickly from forms of advertising, high demand, more efficient delivery…
  • Effective information management: users’ information is absolutely confidential, only shipper and recipient have delivery information
  • Material: steel with powder coating, physical lock – electronic

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