21 Sep 2023

Surprise gift box brings together quality products from reputable brands for SantaPocket users. The way to receive free gifts is extremely simple, please refer to the following article.

Surprise gift box

As a gift of gratitude for our customers’ companionship and support over the past time, Santa wishes to convey our sincere thanks to you through unique and special gifts.

surprise gift box

The Surprise gift box promises to bring you surprise and excitement, completely worthy of its name. Besides containing 05 quality products from 05 famous brands, the Surprise gift box also shows the heart of the Santa team through all the moments of our dedicated members preparing each gift and delivering them directly to the user.

surprise gift box

This gift includes voucher and products from different brands, such as: HiPB Coffee Voucher, Dong A Cordyceps Tea bags, Moonstar Agarwood Buds, HiFarm Dried Fruits, and cute souvenirs from SantaPocket.

Information about precious partners who have accompanied Santa:

HiPB Coffee:

As one of the modern coffee shop brands suitable for young people, HiPB Coffee provides drinks made from clean ingredients with a comfortable, fully equipped working space.



AGROTECT is a brand specializing in providing products from reputable and safe agricultural and livestock materials in Vietnam. You can refer to quality products such as Dong A Cordyceps, craft beer and many other products at:



With quality, safe and health-free products such as Agarwood and many types of tea, Moonstar brings relaxation and mental comfort to customers.



A high-tech garden providing fresh, safe, clear-origin, and Da Lat-standard agricultural products. Some clean products at HiFarm: Kale, green lolo cabbage, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, etc.



Surprise’s gratitude gift is completely free for:

  • 100 Santa wallet top-up accounts with a value from 200,000 VND as soon as possible between September 22 – September 27
  • Santa will deliver gifts through the default delivery location on the account. If there are any changes, winning customers can contact Zalo/Hotline to change the location (if any).

An extremely unique Surprise gift box, only given to 100 soonest customers. Don’t miss your chance to own this limited gift.

For further details, please contact Hotline for answers.