SantaPocket: “The delivery champion” contest info

20 Apr 2022

From April 25th to May 25th, 2022, SantaPocket is going to hold a contest – “The Delivery Champion” with many special prizes!

1. Who can participate?

Every user of SantaPocket can join and it’s 100% FREE.

2. Rewards

There are 03 prizes in total, each price will have 01 combo consisting of:

  • 01 phone card vnd100.000 in value.
  • 20 free uses of SantaPocket.

3. Time

The contest will begin on April 25th, 2022 and last until the end of May 25th, 2022. The result will be announced after 1 week at SantaPocket Fanpage on June 1st, 2022

4. How to join

Use SantaPocket Smart Locker to send or receive goods through the SantaPocket App

*Only Senders/ Shippers can participate if using the web version

5. Winning conditions

  • Users that have 50 successful delivery times or more by using the SantaPocket Smart Locker
  • In case there are more than 03 people who satisfy all the conditions required, SantaPocket will choose 03 people who have higher successful delivery times
  • FAILED or CANCELED orders will not be counted
  • Senders/Shippers only can enter the wrong Recipient’s phone number no more than 04 times

6. Other rules

  • If there is any disagreement or complaint about the contest, SantaPocket will directly resolve it, and our decision is final
  • If SantaPocket detects any cheating case during the contest, the participant will be disqualified

Enjoy this Minigame!