Revealed the Santa Mini Smart Delivery Locker

20 Jun 2024

Meeting the demand for optimized delivery, whether it’s for online purchases or daily personal and organizational activities, Santa proudly introduces the new, incredibly convenient Santa Mini Smart Delivery Locker.

Introducing the Santa Mini Smart Delivery Locker

In response to the growing demand for efficient delivery solutions, the Santa Mini emerges as the optimal choice. It caters to all delivery needs, from online shopping to daily personal and organizational activities. With Santa Mini, managing deliveries has never been simpler, thanks to the use of QR codes.

Not only does the Santa Mini simplify deliveries through QR codes, but it also allows for tracking the locker’s open/close history, user management, and locker list management via a professional Dashboard system.

One of the standout features of the Santa Mini is its compact design, which facilitates easy relocation and installation in various spaces.

Technical Specifications and Included Equipment

Santa Mini is designed and programmed to meet the specific operational needs of each partner. This ensures that every product is tailored for optimal performance and maximum efficiency.

  • Locker Dimensions: 37.7x56x39.8 cm
  • Metal Frame: Includes 2 sturdy and durable compartments
  • Wall Mount: Convenient for installation
  • Powder Coating: Stylish exterior design with corporate logo, enhancing aesthetic appeal
  • Backup Power Jack: Ensures continuous operation even during power outages
  • LED Indicator: Signals the operational status of the locker

Custom Software Development for Each Partner

The Santa Mini Delivery Smart Locker is not just a state-of-the-art technology product but also a flexible and effective solution for delivery management. Santa prioritizes partner satisfaction, hence, we are committed to developing software tailored to the specific requirements of each partner.

To enhance delivery efficiency and protect your equipment, contact us today via Santa’s hotline!

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  • Partnership Inquiries: 0974 549 066

Santa Mini – The ultimate smart solution for delivery management. Join us in embracing the future of delivery services!