Q&A Corner: What to do if the information of the recipient is wrong?

22 Mar 2022

Recently, SantaPocket has received many concerns from our lovely customers on this very common situation! Don’t be worried, SantaPocket is here to save the day! Let’s see how to handle this situation when you enter the wrong recipient’s phone number!

What should I do if I enter the wrong recipient’s information?

? In this case, please call the Hotline 0938.395.147 or 0949.498.835 for technical team support to change the phone number. Next time be sure that you’ve entered the correct information and double-check before sending!

If there is any more question please don’t be hesitate to contact us via Fanpage of SantaPocket or call to Hotline 0938.395.147 or 0949.498.835 for support?

Thank you!


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