Will my money be lost if I change to the Xu system?

26 Jan 2024

From November 11, 2023, the entire balance will be converted from VND to a single unit of Xu at a conversion rate of 1:10. (For example: 100 Xu = 1.000VND)

About the new Xu unit:
1. Conversion rate is 1:10 (1 Xu = 10 VND); Streamline 1 number 0 for users to easily follow (For example: 10,000 VND = 1,000 Xu)
2. Xu can be accumulated and used for other utility services in the Santa ecosystem.

For more details, please refer to: https://santapocket.com/tin-tuc/he-thong-thanh-toan-santapocket

Thank you!