What if I have not picked up the deliveries after the deadline?

26 Jan 2024

– After 72 hours, the customer will receive a call and/or text message notifying that the order is about to be recalled. Customers have 24 hours to respond to Santa’s message or pick up the delivery directly. After 24 hours, if no response is received from the customer, Santa will have the staff record the order information and collect it to keep at Santa’s office.

– Within the next 30 days, SantaPocket’s customer service department will contact the customer at least once (Call directly and/or text via phone number/Zalo).

**In case the receiver still cannot be contacted: Leave an SMS notification within the next 24 hours that the deliveries will be canceled if no response is received from the package owner on the 30th day.

In case the customer is contacted, but the customer does not want to receive the deliveries and agrees to cancel: request the customer to confirm “Agree to cancel the package” via SMS/call to Santa.
**In case you want to receive the delivery back, the customer is required to pay the locker rental fee within 72 hours according to SantaPocket’s prescribed fee schedule and pay the fee to return the package to the customer’s desired address. (If the customer has more than 1 package, the locker rental fee and shipping fee will only be charged once to support the customer). The orders will be returned FREE SHIPPING if you choose to receive it later when Santa has the next recall/maintenance time.

**Note: For food deliveries, SantaPocket only keep for a maximum of 24 hours. Santa will send notifications through the app to remind customers to pick up deliveries continuously. After 24 hours, if the receiver cannot be contacted or the food order has not been received, SantaPocket will remove the order from the locker to ensure hygiene for other users. This term only applies to fresh/ready-to-eat food that need to be used on the same day. For dry foods, SantaPocket staff will send the deliveries back according to the information on the package to the customer.
Thank you!