What are the Market, Parking, Charity, Surprise features used for?

26 Jan 2024

These are the utilities that the Santa Corp ecosystem is developing to increase user experience! Here, users can not only manage personal assets but also make purchases, sales, and gift transactions… Specifically:

1. SantaMarket: E-commerce platform (Mobile and website) helps connect products sold between individuals, business households and consumers, shortening the distance between buyers and sellers on the Santa ecosystem.
2. SantaSurprise: The program gives users the opportunity to experience products/services from reputable brands by registering and receiving gifts through the SantaPocket locker system completely free of charge.
3. SantaCharity: Charity feature helps donors and volunteers get closer to those in need and do good deeds easily and transparently.
4. SantaParking: Advanced IoT solution for modern residential and urban parking management, providing convenience, efficiency and increased security for both residents and visitors.

Let’s look forward to new applications in the SantaPocket ecosystem!
Thank you!