/ 56 views / 26 Jan 2024
I scanned the QR code with Zalo to receive the deliveries but it didn’t work?

In this case, please download the SantaPocket application to receive your delivery. Thank you! ▷ Download the application on iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/id150775826 ▷ Download the application on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sugamobile.santapocket&pli=1

/ 69 views / 26 Jan 2024
I scanned the QR code, but it didn’t work (The screen is displaying white/black)

– Case 1: The phone displays a black screen. Please check your camera access permissions in the Settings section of the SantaPocket app – Case 2: The phone displays a white screen. Please check and update the latest version of SantaPocket on AppStore and Google Play Thank you!

/ 53 views / 26 Jan 2024
What if I have not picked up the deliveries after the deadline?

– After 72 hours, the customer will receive a call and/or text message notifying that the order is about to be recalled. Customers have 24 hours to respond to Santa’s message or pick up the delivery directly. After 24 hours, if no response is received from the customer, Santa will have the staff record the […]

/ 49 views / 26 Jan 2024
I want to buy SantaPocket lockers

For detailed information, please contact SantaPocket Hotline 0974 549 066. Thank you!

/ 69 views / 26 Jan 2024
Will my money be lost if I change to the Xu system?

From November 11, 2023, the entire balance will be converted from VND to a single unit of Xu at a conversion rate of 1:10. (For example: 100 Xu = 1.000VND) About the new Xu unit: 1. Conversion rate is 1:10 (1 Xu = 10 VND); Streamline 1 number 0 for users to easily follow (For example: […]

/ 79 views / 26 Jan 2024
Why have I topped up Xu but I haven’t seen them in my account?

Case 1: (Correctly copied the transfer content) Please wait 3-5 minutes, once you have copied the correct content, the Xu will automatically be added to your account. Case 2: (Did not copy the transfer content) Please contact SantaPocket Hotline 0974 549 066 for support. Thank you!

/ 55 views / 26 Jan 2024
What are Xu used for?

Xu will be used for payment on delivery and shopping on other SantaPocket features in the future. From November 11, 2023, all balances will be converted from VND into a single unit of Xu, with a conversion rate of 1:10. For example, in case Account A has 21,500 VND will be converted to 2,150 Xu. […]

/ 55 views / 26 Jan 2024
Who will be charged the authorization fee?

Authorization fee will be charged to the original recipient. The authorized person is completely free of charge. Thank you!

/ 53 views / 26 Jan 2024
Shipper mistakenly put another customer’s deliveries in the pocket

Please contact Hotline 0974 549 066 and provide the necessary information for support! Thank you!

/ 56 views / 26 Jan 2024
What are the Market, Parking, Charity, Surprise features used for?

These are the utilities that the Santa Corp ecosystem is developing to increase user experience! Here, users can not only manage personal assets but also make purchases, sales, and gift transactions… Specifically: 1. SantaMarket: E-commerce platform (Mobile and website) helps connect products sold between individuals, business households and consumers, shortening the distance between buyers and […]