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What are the requirements of SantaPocket installation?

The SantaPocket cabinets installation requires the following minimum standards: – Minimum area is 1.2m wide * 0.65m deep, 2.5m high– Have a roof/canopy– Power source nearby– Internet (optional wifi/ ethernet)– Front position, easy for passersby to see– Avoid sun exposure.

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Is it easy to clean the cabinet? When is the cleaning scheduled?

Cleaning SantaPocket cabinets is relatively easy. You can use a wiping cloth with sanitizer solution.Cleaning schedule of SantaPocket: once every 2 weeks at 1 installing location (apartment unit). Note: Do not use products with petroleum-based ingredients, such as Acetone. Because these are substances that can damage the painted surface of the cabinet.

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In case the customer does not come to receive the goods (abandon the goods or leave them for longer than 48 hours)

Please follow SantaPocket’s delivery reminder system below! – On the application: notification reminder after 3 hours and continuously within 24 hours.– After 24 hours from the time of sending the goods, the customer service center will call to remind you to pick up the goods.– After 3 days, if you do not come to receive […]

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I have scanned the QR code but can not open the locker

Please double-check the cases below!1. Are you using the correct phone to receive the delivery message?2. Did you scan the correct QR code according to the notification message?3. Does your phone have 3G/4G or is it accessing Wifi? If you have checked all 3 cases above and still cannot open the locker, please contact Hotline […]

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Is it okay if I forgot to close the locker when I received the goods?

It’s fine but you need to ensure that your packages were taken completely.

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I want to rent a SantaPocket delivery cabinet

PRICE LIST:Rent 1 cabinet: 8 million/pieceRent from 3 cabinets: 7 million/pieceRent more than 5 cabinets: 6 million/piece BENEFITS:– Receive 100% revenue from users– Regular maintenance and repair from SUGA– Free installation NOTE: The partner will bear the cost of using electricity

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I want to change the color and design of the SantaPocket cabinet to match my own brand or company, is it possible?

SantaPocket cabinets only change the paint color based on the requirements of customers and partners BUYING THE CABINETS.

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I want to buy a SantaPocket delivery cabinet.

PRICE LIST: 60 millions/piece BENEFITS:– Selected cabinet color– Receive 100% revenue from users– Regular maintenance and repair from SUGA– Free maintenance for 1 year, charge from 2nd year onwards– Free installation NOTE: The above costs do not include electricity and monthly operating fees (cloud rental, customer service, SMS service ..)

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I want to cancel my order because the package does not fit in the locker

To cancel the order, you must ensure that the locker has not been closed and follow the instructions displayed on the application screen, specifically as follows: Step 1: Open the locker after filling in the recipient’s information.Step 2: Wait for about “10 seconds” to see the order cancellation notice.Step 3: Click “HERE” and select “Yes, […]

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I need help to open the locker to take out the goods

Please contact Hotline 0974 549 066 and provide order code for support!